It will continue until it doesn’t

Life goes on despite our anger, frustration, confusion and the death that surrounds us. It seems to be even more in your face as you see it in winter. The cold gray and rain. The shorter darker days. It’s all very real but also, it is not so much. Much of it is our perceptions and the opinions of others we let infiltrate our way of thinking. In the physical it is the cycle of life. Our family and friends fall ill and pass away. We get injured and find ourselves on the sidelines. Upon return from injury we are not as we were.

However if we let ourselves contemplate the seasons and a time to reflect, relax, recover we soon see the days are getting longer again. Patches of blue sky become bigger. Mountain ranges come into view. It is now a time to be opportunistic by ramping up our appreciation for what is here and the lessons the departed have left us even if it is just the appreciation for this very moment. Which is all there is. They would probably want that of us.

It is a time to learn and adapt. A new game plan in our jiu jitsu practice. More kindness to those we interact with daily. More listening without the need to give feedback. Because you probably won’t remember why you got angry tomorrow. It is just wasted energy. You won’t remember the advice you gave. But that person may remember you listened. 10 years from now? 100? When this planet no longer exists? Life will go on despite how we feel. Somewhere in the universe of which we have no idea of how far that goes, how expansive that is. It is nearly as incomprehensible as God. So far beyond what our mind can grasp. Yet it all goes on physically until it doesn’t with no respect of persons. Then your energy goes elsewhere back into the great expanse. To the Source.

Appreciate this moment and celebrate that person. Learn what you can, change what must be changed but recognize what you can’t. Be okay with it. Exercise, eat clean and be authentic. These are thoughts for my first post.

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