Knee jerk reactions

Are you buying into the hype? To what extent? Is it real? Of course it is. It has been since the 30’s when it was discovered. Another virus, of many varieties, that lives in most of us. In your nose.

To my understanding it was not dealt with properly to begin with. Long story short, testing was not made available and therefore those that had it, did not take time to heal. Instead it spread to susceptible hosts and has been the cause of their death. The perfect host is an elderly person in their 80’s, with respiratory issues. Like my father. If he gets the Coronavirus, things are not going to go well for him. That is scary and sad.

However! If you are in your 70’s or older and immunocompromised most illnesses and common colds and flu’s with be problematic for you as well. And that is the frustration. The the current situation should not be just brushed under the rug by any means. It also means we should not be shutting down schools, cancelling sporting events, and flights and anything else because the threat is minimal to the greater population. I’m sure each and everyone of us can think of at least 3 things more pressing, more dire and more deadly in this country than the common cold or flu of which there is no cure and never will be.

Rather than knee jerk reaction of cancelling the NCAA Tournament, for example, the response should be more along the lines of: We take the situation very serious, if you feel you are at risk or danger please do not attend and watch the games in the comfort of your own home. If you feel you are sick in any capacity please stay home as well. We are doubling down our sanitary efforts at all the event locations and keeping things as clean and tidy as possible, we have hand washing and hand sanitizing stations at every exit, please use them, etc.

Instead, as in the college basketball situation, athletes that have strived all year to make this tournament, some seniors that have strived four years, possibly got a great seed and had a chance to go deep in the tournament are being denied their dreams. Many will lose jobs, businesses and vendors who count on this every year will now suffer and be unable to pay for their normal household budget. That is just one example and the ripple effect goes on.

The spread of disease is halted by good hygiene and sanitation practices. Wash your hands people, eat high quality food, take your daily supplements, EXERCISE, get outside, and carry on. Because again, there is no cure for the common cold or flu and there never will be. All these closures may or may not slow the virus down but it won’t just disappear and it never will. It is part of the human condition and something we will always have to deal with. So let’s deal with it the right way. Have compassion, take care of yourself and others. Stop the hysteria and the destruction of livelihoods of millions.

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